Additional Power Production, Little River Hydro 

Little River Hydroelectric project utilizes water conveyed by the Little R. in Troy, North Carolina .  The Project would add additional power production to the  preexisting HPP.  We developed the Project concept through existing site information including flow data, topography, site visits, discussions with Hydrodyne Industries, and information from equipment vendors.

The site currently produces 700 kW with (2) vertical Francis turbines (500 kW and 200 kW units) but has the capacity to produce 990 kW through the interconnection agreement in place with Duke Energy.  Rickly has been contracted by Hydrodyne Energy to install a PROPEL92L28 turbine to produce an additional 250 kW.  This unit is a new “Axial” flow double regulated propeller turbine with a PMG/VFD (Permanent Magnet Generator/Variable Frequency Drive) that is a state of the art turbine/generator design that has been proofed and validated by a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydro Next program.