Hydro Plant Controls

Rickly designs and builds hydraulic and electrical control systems. The system integrates remote monitoring and intuitive user interface built from standard components to deliver a great combination of reliability, flexibility, and performance.

Why Rickly Hydro Controls?

Rickly hydropower control systems include system monitoring such as:

  • Site monitoring-Intelligence to operate

  • Flow and level sensing

    • Power generation monitoring

    • Intuitive HMI-s

  • Turbine controls-Automation to control

    • Control of valves and gates.

    • Automatic synchronization

  • Generator protection

    • Protective features

    • Power factor correction

    • Predictive maintenance

  • Global control

    • Remote access

    • Data logging

Hydraulic Power Units

An integral element of many sites is an accurate and reliable Hydraulic Power Units. Rickly HPU-s are configured using standard motor, reservoir, pump, regulation, and compensator controls.


Our modules are designed and built for each site, and provide control for wicket gates, guide vanes, control valves, spear valves, and other control needs.

Siphon Priming Skid:

This unit starts the siphon with a pump while continuing to keep air from entering and breaking the siphon with a vacuum.  It also can add air to slow the velocity of the water flowing through the siphon while serving as a breaking mechanism when needed. 

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