Rickly Crossflow Turbines

A Crossflow Turbine is a low cost machine that generates 2kW up to 100kW based on maximum

head and flow. The turbine has several features that make it most suitable for smaller sites:

  1. The blade design is durable, simplifying upstream diversion requirements.

  2. Water through the turbine crosses the rotating runner twice. The initial flow delivers most of the energy, but as the water passes over it delivers more energy and cleans the runner for debris.

  3. The combination of runners work together to provide efficienct performance.

Why use a Crossflow Turbine?

Crossflow Turbines have low runaway speed and relatively few moving parts for ease of maintenance and operation. They also have a flow design that enables the unit to clean itself naturally as water entering the inlet turbine blade crosses through the center of the runner and exits out the opposite side. This process increases efficiency, flushes out small debris and cleans the runner blades.

How is Rickly's Turbine better?

For over 50 years, Rickly Hydro has undergone continuous improvements to the Crossflow Turbine design. Each Rickly Hydro water to wire system is looked at individually and designed for each customer’s specific needs and optimal operation.

Crossflow Turbine Operation

The plated 300-series structural steel fabrication design we use for the turbine casing is much stronger than that of other companies and has a longer life than cast iron housings. The bearing housings are also machined from solid stock and are double sealed to ensure the turbine case remains water tight and permanently lubricated for long life. The inlet flow pipe can be either vertical or horizontal and is specifically designed for your site. The pipe also includes an inlet valve and a manual, hydraulic or electric control for proper inlet flow conditions and operation.

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