Water Diversion Structures

The water diversion structure is critical to successful operation of the plant. We partner with great vendors to offer a variety of options to supplement our turbines, including:


  • Coanda Screens - Inclined wedgewire screens that use gravity and overflowing water to stay clean.

  • Bar Screens - Durable bar screens for the elimination of coarse debris.

  • PROPEL Intake Rafts - Floating intake structures for temporary or rapid installation in variable flow.

  • Gates - Automated gates for flow control.

How do you select an approach?

To begin the process, start with 4 critical steps:

1. Define the flow - How much water do you need for your site and how much water is flowing through the river?

2. Define the intake location -  How much space is available at the intake?  This includes the available width, head, and headpond space.

3. Characterize debris - How much debris must be removed?  What are the characteristics of this debris?

4. Define other threats - What other threats, such as ice, bio-fouling, or seasonal leaf events could threaten operation?

Why are Rickly's diversion structures better?

Rickly's team has led the design of hundreds of intake structures. We partner with high quality suppliers such as Norris Screen to offer better material and better solutions.

Starting a project

The key to an effective design starts with the right design inputs. From there, one selects and sizes the right equipment, confirms the fit-up to work with others, and then finally determines how to execute the design.