nConduit Hydro Systems

There is significant hydro potential wasted at existing sites around the world. This can be captured through the use of energy recovery turbines at pressure reducing stations.

Energy Recovery Turgo

For sites with medium and high head, a Turgo System can be used for energy recovery. The Turgo is an impulse turbine that can be modified to vary flow through the adjustment of spear or butterfly valves. These valves in turn control flow to the runner.

Energy Recovery Francis

For many sites a Francis Turbine is ideal for energy recovery. The Francis machine is flexible across a broad range of flows and can be adjusted to provide specific end-of-line pressure.

We offer a broad array of turbines which we can tune to each specific site. Learn more about all of our different turbine options below , including Turgo, Nautilus Francis, PROPEL and Crossflow turbines.