MOD-Hydro Power Plants

MOD-Hydro systems are a power plant “in-a-box” for medium and high head hydro.

Why use MOD-Hydro?

MOD-Hydro systems include modular components for the intake and powerhouse. This makes it easy to size, design and install plant equipment. MOD-Hydro not only saves development cost, but allows faster time to make power and profit.

How does it work?

MOD-Hydro components include an intake structure, powerhouse and switchgear. After the initial site assessment, we select the right intake structure, powerhouse, and switchgear for your site. The components are then shipped to the site as pre-plumbed and wired sections. From there, all the operator must do is to simply set, level and connect the components.

What next?

The first step in developing a site is a sound feasibility study.

The Hydro-View site assessment will help determine the overall feasibility and right approach for a MOD-Hydro system.

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