The KINETIC-Turbine uses a combination of an efficient axial flow propeller and advanced controls to deliver efficient power at economically viable rates.

Why the Kinetic-Turbine?

The Kinetic-Turbine uses a set of compact, modular designs to support fast, easy installation with no civil work.

The low speed design and open blade minimize adverse environmental impact.

The combination of the efficient turbine, advanced controls, and a flexible mooring system create a cost effective system.

Maintains a safe and efficient water level for the system while submerging during periods of high debris flow.

Curved blades deliver efficiency and improve performance against debris.

Submersible permanent magnet generator and rectifier provides grid sync

Crossfloat Turbine: The crossfloat turbine captures energy by using the attached flotation rafts to stay on the water surface where deployed. The turbine runner closely resembles that of a crossflow turbine and spins with forces provided by natural flow velocity in the water way. Currently these units come in 1 and 2 kW power sizes with scalable potential topping out at 5 kW per unit. Each unit comes equipped with the Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) concept for optimal efficiency.

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