Rickly Nautilus Francis Turbines

The Francis Turbine is a "reaction" turbine, meaning that it works in a fully flooded chamber and reacts

to the flow of water around it. These turbines typically work best in cases where there is low-medium

head, or in areas of downstream pressure after the turbine.

Why use a Nautilus Francis Turbine?

A Francis Turbine is widely used because of its trustworthiness and flexibility. At Rickly Hydro, we have updated the machine to reflect state-of-the art design and manufacturing methods. The result is a Francis Turbine with expected flexibility, high efficiency and low weight.

How are the Rickly Turbines better?

Rickly has developed and acquired sound designs for a variety of site conditions. This not only gives us proven performance, but also a broad portfolio of designs to work with. Your site will benefit from generations of experts continuously improving their design.

Which Nautilus Francis should I use?

All Rickly Turbines are designed and built for a specific site. However, we do have three families of machines.

  1. The NX Series is a regulated Francis Turbine suitable for low and medium head sites up to 120' of head.

  2. The CMC Series uses a simple register gate in order to control flow, but is less efficient than the NX. It is         best suited for projects where low installed cost, rather than maximum power generation, is the goal.

  3. The T Series is a set of unregulated machines with a broad range of heads. It is low in cost, but cannot adjust to variation in flow.