PROPEL-Hydro System

Around the U.S. there are approximately 75,000 dams with hydro-power potential. The PROPEL-Hydro System simplifies the process of adding power to these sites by adding innovative equipment, effective design processes and disciplined approaches to execution.

PROPEL-Hydro System Equipment

The PROPEL-Hydro System consists of a floating intake barge for flexible and easy to deploy water diversion, a siphon to withdraw water without civil work and the PROPEL-Turbine, an axial flow machine governed by a PMG.

PROPEL-Hydro System Process

To evaluate whether a site is right for the PROPEL-Hydro System we start with the fundamentals: identify site flow, head and operating strategy. We will work with our construction partners to develop a feasibility study.

PROPEL-Hydro System Results

The PROPEL-Turbine is an innovative machine and drive concept for small hydropower plants. The concept fulfills all requirements of modern, low head hydropower plants and has an installed capacity of up to 2,000 kW per turbine. The PROPEL-Turbine is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective turbine solution.

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