Rickly PROPEL-Turbine

The PROPEL-Turbine is a double regulated axial flow turbine. It combines advanced Propeller geometry, a variable speed generator and modular flow control. The result is an easy to install solution that lowers the cost of developing small hydro.

Why use a PROPEL-Turbine?

The PROPEL-Turbine delivers efficient performance at a fraction of the cost of the old approach for building a small hydro plant.

  • The system requires no powerhouse.  The turbine and generator simply bolts to the pipeline or other existing infrastructure.

  • The option of a permanent magnet generator and variable frequency drive simplify control cost.

  • The open design and low operating speed allow high power production while being intrinsically fish friendly.

  • As a result, a PROPEL-Turbine delivers water-to-wire efficiency greater than 90% at a fraction of the typical installed cost/KW.

How are Rickly Turbines Better?

Better concept - The innovative control and mechanical design make the PROPEL turbine much easier to install than a traditional turbine.

Better design - The blade, guide vane, and draft tube designs deliver higher water-to-wire efficiency than is typically observed on axial flow turbines.

Better execution - All Rickly equipment is built at one of our two Ohio facilities. This not only gives us the ability to experiment and keep improving, but also ensures that we have control over details that drive out high efficiency in design and are executed during manufacturing.

Which PROPEL-Turbine should I choose?

When developing a site, the most important elements to consider are the design flow, design head, flow characteristics and any other details that may help us better define your need.

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