Modular Small Hydro Turbines

Small Hydro Basics will tell you all you need to know about starting your hydro site.

HydroNow Systems are "hydro plants" in a box for medium and high head greenfield sites.

PROPEL-Hydro Systems capture the power of existing drops and non-powered dams.

Energy Recovery Turbines capture the wasted energy at outfalls or Pressure Reducing Stations.

The site is ready, the fundamentals are sound. Now what? Rickly offers several systems to make it fast and easy to add hydro.

Small Hydro Basics

Learn more about small hydro.

Small hydro plants may be connected to conventional electrical distribution networks as a source of low-cost renewable energy.  Alternatively, small Hydro projects may be built in isolated areas where there is no electrical distribution network.

MOD-Hydro Systems

Hydro sites developed in weeks not months.

MOD-Hydro Systems include modular components for the intake and powerhouse.

This makes it easy to size, design and install plant equipment.

PROPEL-Hydro System

Quickly add power to your existing site

The PROPEL-Hydro System includes an intake raft, precast

concrete components and the PROPEL-Turbine.

Energy Recovery Systems

Capture energy at your site.

Rickly offers turbines for the capture of wasted energy at Pressure

Reducing Stations and outfalls in water infrastructure.

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