Rickly Turgo Turbines

The Turgo Turbine combines a custom machined runner and optimized nozzles to

deliver high efficiency and precise control for medium and high head sites.

Why use a Turgo Turbine?


The Turgo Turbine uses precision machined components for the nozzle, spear, spoon, and runner to create efficient transfer of power from water to the generator.



Rickly Turgo turbines offer performance over a wide range of flow and heads. Our in-house capability of machining, casting, and welding all within our ISO-9001 compliant facility allows us to build custom components to match flow.



Rickly Turgo turbines use 1-4 precision valves to adjust to variation in flow or head. This allows the systems to operate in dynamic environments.

How are Rickly Turgo's Better?

Rickly Turbines provide the best relationship between cost and value for sites under 200 kW. We work diligently with our customers to identify the right features for each site. We use high quality equipment such as stainless steel housing and runners that are cast and machined in our facility. Rickly Hydro is committed to designing the best machine for your site.

In a Turgo, the runner is less expensive to make than a Pelton Wheel and does not need an airtight housing like the Francis. It also has a higher specific speed, handling a greater flow than the Pelton Wheel. This leads to a reduced generator and installation cost. Turgos operate in a head range where the Francis and Pelton overlap.

Which Turgo is right for my site?

We design and build all of our equipment for each site. The TSS sizing table will help you pick, or,

contact us with any questions. Note the flow, head, and any other significant characteristics

to ensure that we deliver the perfect machine for your site.

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