Intake structures and controls you can rely on.

Most of the cost of building small hydro comes from the civil and electrical work.  Rickly offers innovative equipment to make it simple to design, to install, and to run.

This includes coanda intake structures, custom head-works, control systems, remote monitoring, flow controls and valves,  and hydraulic power units.

Build a site in weeks, not months.

The site is ready, the fundamentals are sound. Now what? Rickly offers several systems to make it fast and easy to add hydro.

HydroNow systems are "hydro plants" in a box for medium and high head greenfield sites.
PROPEL-Hydro Systems capture the power of existing drops and non-powered dams.
Energy recovery turbines capture the wasted energy of outfalls or Pressure Reducing Stations.

World class quality, focused on small sites.

The water-to-wire package is the heart of the system. Until now, some turbines delivered good quality and efficiency, but at a high cost. Otherwise, you received small turbines that seemed cheap. You need a better option. We can help.
All of our turbines are built by qualified craftsmen in our U.S. facility, and all of it is built with a focus on small and mini hydro sites.


October 18, 2019

Rickly Presents at NREL Emerging Markets Day

May 1, 2018

Rickly Hydro was honored to be selected as one of ten speakers on the NREL Emerging Markets Day.  Emerging Markets Day is a matchmaking forum for emer...

Government Cooperation Around Hydro

December 19, 2017

Our focus in on equipment to make it incredibly easy to design, build, and install hydropower plant.  However, growth in our market requires a healthy...

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